Project Ellis gives people working in small companies — and their friends, family, colleagues — access to the best available immigration resources.

STEP ONE: Know Your Rights. 

STEP TWO: Ask for help.

Entrepreneurs’ Liberty Link in Silicon Valley (ELLIS)

We are all from somewhere else.

When our families came to the United States, they had folks who rallied around them to help. Many Americans, the collaborators on this project included, are ready to do the same for you. You are friends and colleagues and you are not alone. Please spread the word.

If you are facing immigration challenges — whether as a Visa holder, a refugee, or an undocumented person — Project Ellis can connect you to A++ legal resources at no charge to you. Project Ellis’ expenses are covered by contributions from individuals and Silicon Valley companies who want their employees, their families, friends, and colleagues to have access to the best immigration resources possible.

Visa-holders face complex and changing rules, especially with regard to entrepreneurship and working in small companies. Many small companies don’t have the in-house resources like at Google or Apple. Project Ellis levels the playing field by connecting Visa-holding startup employees to some of the best legal talent in the world of US Immigration.

Refugees who are looking to make Silicon Valley their home deserve an open door and help plugging into the community. Project Ellis’ case managers will help people fleeing political, religious, or economic persecution find refuge in one of America’s greatest and most prosperous regions.

Undocumented friends, family members, and colleagues have a trustworthy partner in Project Ellis. Our attorneys and case managers can help you get right with the law. No matter where you are from, while you are standing on US soil, you enjoy many of the rights and liberties protected by the United States Constitution. Project Ellis will help you understand those rights and get sound advice from allies.

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